We do not universally Bulk-Bill, but on weekdays, we do Bulk-Bill Pensioners, and Children aged 11 and under. Concessional (discounted) Fees are charged to Patients who hold a current Health Care Card and those who are full-time students (Student Card required). Please note that our After-Hours attendances (Thursday evenings or Saturday mornings) are not Bulk-Billed or discounted for any groups.

Instant Rebates

Obtaining a rebate on your consultation fee is incredibly easy, through use of our Tyro Easiclaims Online Claiming service. With this service, all you need to do is have your bank Debit Card or EFTPOS Card (not Credit card) with you at the time of your consultation, and when we run your card through our EFTPOS machine, your Medicare rebate will be automatically credited back into your nominated account virtually instantaneously, without ever needing to visit the Medicare office.


For fee-paying patients, our fees are set at the recommended AMA rates. It is generally the case that, for a consultation not involving additional tests or procedures (such as ECG, spirometry, excisions etc), your Gap Fee (out-of-pocket cost after Medicare rebate) will be $41.95 ($29.95 if eligible for Concessional Fees), no matter the length of consultation. Any additional procedures required will add a further Gap Fee. Payment is by Credit Card, Debit Card or in cash.

A full list of fees is available on request at Reception.

It is important to note that we have decided to keep the Gap Fee of a Long Consultation virtually the same as that for a Standard Consultation. In this way, we hope to encourage patients not to hesitate to book longer appointments for more complex or multiple health issues, as this helps to avoid us running late and ensures shorter waiting times and smoother running of the Practice.